Meritocracy Concept

We are delighted to welcome you as you explore more about us. Meritocracy Records is a multifaceted enterprise that seamlessly integrates a record label, fashion line, and event organization under one roof.

Our record label operates across three distinct sections: Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise. This strategic division allows us to collaborate with a diverse array of artists and release music spanning various genres within the electronic dance music landscape. In addition, we help upcoming producers by providing exclusive sample packs to bring their sound to the next level

Complementing our music label, our clothing brand have a minimalist design philosophy, predominantly featuring an all-black aesthetic with futuristic undertones. It caters to individuals who share an affinity for stylish black attire.

Furthermore, our event division is globally oriented, orchestrating captivating events in premier venues across the world, featuring performances by our roster of talented artists.

We invite you to submit your music; at Meritocracy Records, we firmly believe that in the realm of music, talent speaks for itself

Music Is Meritocracy

  • Inferno

    "In our Inferno Department, we specialize in releasing genres such as Hardstyle, Hard Dance, Techno Rave, Hardcore, Psytrance, and anything that falls under the 'hard' spectrum of electronic music."
  • Purgatory

    "In our Purgatory Department, we focus on releasing genres such as House, Tech House, Progressive House, and anything that falls within the realm of music that is "mellow". In Dante Alighieri's 'Divine Comedy,' Purgatory is depicted as the intermediate realm and so our department caters to the middle ground of musical styles."
  • Paradise

    "In our Paradise Department, we specialize in the release of genres such as Deep House, Melodic House, Melodic Techno, and any music that evokes deep emotions and leaves you with goosebumps."